We don't just find deals we create them.


Core Values at The BID Group

Here at The BID Group, our values are resonated in our team, partners, and overall business.


We focus on delivering high-quality projects that meet and exceed expectations.

Innovation (Not Imitation)

We explore new ideas, techniques, and technologies to create innovative and sustainable real estate solutions in our own way.

Community Improvement

By Improving the quality of properties in a community, we can improve the lives of the people in the community.

How we started The BID Group

What is The BID Group?

Started with a motivation...

The inspiration for starting BID Group came from the personal influence of some of the greatest real estate investors in the US. The seeds were planted years ago and the lessons learned from them were never forgotten. The motivation to follow in their footsteps is still what drives the company today.

First One, then another one.

BID Group was built from the ground up and it all started with one. It took tremendous sacrifice and dedication to save up enough to buy the first 6 unit apartment building. Then we acquired an 18 unit complex and then 45 units and then 60 units and continued to expand into larger and higher quality properties. We also have now expanded into 5 different real estate asset classes and have acquired properties in 6 states.

Create value for people.

We don’t just acquire properties for the purpose of making money. We acquire every property with the intention of making it a more desirable place for the tenants and the community. We identify ways to increase our properties values while simultaneously increasing the value for the people using our properties.



Meet Our Founder

Daniel Brandt started The BID Group in 2012 with the aim to create immense value in the real estate market. He has over 20+ years in combined real estate experience.

Prior to starting BID Group, Daniel spent much of his career working as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and UBS. Daniel has an MBA from The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business and 3 undergraduate degrees from Arizona State University. Daniel is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and proficient in Mandarin Chinese. Daniel spends his free time snowboarding, cycling, and climbing mountains. 

Let's Work

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The BID Group is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri – with over $50 million in assets, 20+ years of experience & over 100+ projects completed. Invest with us to create more successful projects together.